In principle, we deliver within Germany and to countries within the EU. Please note the following delivery restrictions for the following product categories in our store: 

In general we ship orders from the areas of Spareparts for fittings, Ventilation Technology and Smart Home by DHL*, UPS and the forwarding agent Kühne & Nagel. 

In the following you can see the different shipping conditions:

Shipping conditions for Ventilation Technology & Smart Home:

Countries Standard shipping up to 40 KG* Standard shipping from 40 KG*
Shipping within Germany: DHL: 6,68 excl. VAT / 7.95 € incl. 19% VAT Spedition Kühne & Nagel: 40 € excl. VAT / 47.60 € incl. 19% VAT
Shipping to other EU countries: DHL & UPS: 14.24 € excl. VAT / 16.95 € incl. 19% VAT Spedition Kühne & Nagel: 40 € excl. VAT / 47.60 € incl. 19% VAT

* With an order value from 2500 € (excl. VAT) the shipping is free of charge!

Shipping conditions for Spare Parts:

Countries Standard shipping
(including country-specific VAT)
Shipping in case of excess length* 
(including country-specific VAT)
Germany DHL: 9,49 € UPS: 9,99 € UPS: 16,99 €
Austria Deutsche Post AG: 18,99 € UPS: 14,49 € UPS: 21,99 €
Belgien, Tschechische Republik, Dänemark, Luxemburg, Niederlande  UPS: 12,49 € UPS: 19,99 €
Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Luxembourg, Netherlands Bulgaria, Cyprus, Estonia, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, Malta, Romania UPS: 22,49 € UPS: 29,99 €
Greece, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Spain UPS: 21,49 € UPS: 28,99 €
Slovenia, Slovakia, France, Croatia, Poland, Finland, Sweden UPS: 14,49 € UPS: 21,99 €

*For deliveries > 960 mm in length, shipping includes an overlength surcharge.

Terms of delivery for the COMFORT UNIT

In general we send all our COMFORT UNIT deliveries by freight forwarding.
In the following you will find all information about delivery dates and the shipping (These terms and conditions apply exclusively to our business customers!):

The delivery time from our carriers is 2-4 working days.
All express orders are also treated as express during the delivery route. Their delivery takes place within 1-2 working days.

Delivery times

By default, the requested delivery date is pre-set at the checkout to 7 working days. You do however have the option to push the requested delivery date forward or back. For faster delivery, we offer 3 express delivery options: 48, 72 or 96 hours.

We charge the following amounts for express delivery, depending on the length:
48 h 72 h 96 h
RAB bis 5999 mm 86 € 55 € 35 €
RAB von 6000-6999 mm 220 € 143 € 91 €
RAB größer 6.999 mm 395 € 253 € 161 €

For deliveries > 7000 mm in length, the product price includes an excess quantity surcharge.

All delivery dates are subject to our terms and conditions and are “ex-works”. The express delivery and excess quantity surcharges are given as net amounts.

Agreed, fixed customer delivery days

If fixed delivery days are agreed and defined in your case, they will be used despite your selection at the checkout. The exception here is when express delivery dates are selected. If you choose one of the express options listed above, we will bypass your agreed delivery day and deliver the goods as per your request.